July 21, 2024
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Remote jobs, remote education, paradigm changes 2020, new ways of working and learning are happening. Is it time for a change - thinking differently in 2020.
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Remote Work??? Remote Education???

What do you think?

My most recent blog on

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Paradigm Shifts 2020

remote work

We are now being confronted with

“How the world Works?

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What are the answers when we see our world changing so quickly & causing chaos for so many of us?

Businessman with headset works remote at home with his colleagues.

What do we do to feel, safe, secure and confident?

How do we start to make sense of our lives, when everything is so different, all at One Time ???????

As such intense changes begin to happen around us, we need to remember how important our thoughts are to the way we encounter our world.

Take a little time to listen to what your heart tells you, it will tell you what is the best move for you at this time.

Calm and Balance may be difficult to attain; however, quiet time with our own thoughts is a great time to Receive in the Information, Relax with the Information for some time, and then Release those immediate negative emotions. Controlling those negative emotions can bring you to a more positive response, instead of just to negative reactions.

Flow – To Your Next Destination With Balanced Thoughts

Our world has been moving into several different paradigm shifts. We are beginning to experience these shifts in what we have known as “normal” for some time.

Now we are experiencing the true beginnings of Change

Remote Work has become a direction that has now confronted many people that have never considered working from home. Over the years, we have seen more and more people that work from home, especially with the many digital entrepreneurs that are doing part-time and “gigs” to enhance or grow their incomes.

What we are seeing here is an abrupt shift for some, and that can mean chaos. I think we have been seeing a subtle shift in many things that have been showing us the need to find new alternatives to old ideas. Remote or work from home, flex jobs, gigs, and part-time jobs have increased over the past several years.

Businesses, Schools & Experts Are Meeting To Find New Directions For Our Fast-Changing World.

There is an awareness that there is a problem with how we are continuing to proceed in this changing world. The problems that exist today are new, due to many factors including our new artificial intelligence opportunities and our realization of how we can continue to live and interact in a world, without causing more disturbances to life on our planet, which we have always enjoyed it.

work from home, online education,

We are experiencing a time when our businesses are looking differently at their hiring policies. Needs are changing rapidly due to our new interconnectiveness.

There is a need for restructuring and it is being looked closely at by our Business and Educational Professionals”.

Recently the following Conference was held in San Francisco to discuss what is happening in the workforce and what is the direction of the changes happening in the World of Work.

“Work Rebooted – The Future of Work Is Now”

Article From Forbes Magazine

Quote From Article by Elyse Rosenblum,

Founder and Principal, Grads of Life

“I spoke last month at Work Rebooted, a conference examining the future of work, with our Grads of Life employer partner Jennifer Andrews from Bank of America. We discussed the Bank’s Pathways program and shared learnings on how as a leading Opportunity Employer they are evolving the organization’s talent practices.  Below is a snapshot of our conversation, and I will be sharing a more in depth interview with Jenn next month.”  

“So much of our work at Grads of Life is focused on helping employers to adapt their talent practices so they get better at finding, hiring and retaining traditionally overlooked talent – the very people that companies need to get a diverse perspective”

Elyse Rosenblum, Founder and Principal, Grads of Life

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We are seeing changes that have been needed for a long time.

Creative Ideas Make Changes -We Can Be The Change We Want To See

Our World Is Experiencing Rapid Changes In Order To Create New More Positive, Life-Affirming Changes.

Computers have opened up new opportunities for us to experience more of the world from our homes and cars. Education and Many Types Of Work can be done remotely today.

This opportunity gives rural areas opportunities, and individuals with disabilities new opportunities for employment. The need for Online help is incredible, just look at job boards such as Indeed, CareerJet, and the many others available.

This job board is here for businesses, groups and organizations that are making changes. Finding our “personal purpose for our life” brings ideas of how we can operate in a world that appreciates all life, and works toward making the positive changes that are bringing positive changes to all life around us, including our own.

Remote jobs is just one possible answer for some of us, and many advantages might be found for others, if taken as a serious option.

Using our Conscious Awareness, innovative, creative ideas, passions and new positive thoughts that we have for our future, I am sure we will see new and innovative ideas, in order to discover new possibilities available for us in the “world’s work environment”.

Brendon Bruchard – Meditation Balances Our Thoughts

Chaos is usually the first step toward solutions. It takes an awareness of the need for solutions, to create new, effective actions. Stay confident, stay calm and think positively about your future. New ideas are just around the corner.

I believe that this type of change is what we are seeing today.

Be The Change You Want To See In The World.

Thank you for reading and Thank you for sharing new ideas with your friends and family. There is value in change, when change is needed to create a better world.

D Foster and Friends

dream big - make it happen
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Dream Big! You Can Grow Into Them!

Thank you for reading and sharing this article.

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