July 17, 2024
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Apprenticeships – A Twenty-First Century Solution

With the difficulties our young worker’s are having finding employment, after they have completed, a very, debt-intensive education;

What about Apprenticeships?

Could Apprenticeships be an answer to this problem? It appears now that Apprenticeships could be A Twenty-First Century Solution?

From this article in The New York Times regarding apprenticeships and white collar jobs, I find this paragraph very interesting.

Apprenticeship programs are changing the way people reach white-collar professions, leveling the playing field for careers that once required a bachelor’s degree or more. In two years, more than 700 apprenticeship programs have sprung up in the U.S., opening job opportunities in fields such as cybersecurity, financial services, information technology and health care, reports The New York Times. The model, long popular in Europe, combines classroom learning with paid-on-the-job experience. This year, an estimated 1 million Americans have participated in some type of apprenticeship program.”

Society Shifts’ Creates A New Paradigm Of Needed Workers

Education requirements for getting a “white-collar job” has changed. Even the idea of what a white-collar profession is, can be considered changed. Office work can be done from anywhere today, not necessarily in a big building with lots of offices and people. White-collar work can be done from home, and the education needed can be mastered from any location, not in a large university building, but in one on one, or even comfortable home situations.

What is needed is the one with the knowledge that is willing to share. We are seeing websites like Udemy.com and Allison.com bringing in knowledgable folks, with the information and experience to help others prepare themselves for needed positions.

Personally, I believe that Apprenticeships are, absolutely, a Twenty-First Century Solution to our hiring shortage problems, as well as for our students’ debt problem.

Skills Can Be Taught By Those That Have The Experience & Knowledge Needed

We see a shortage of all types of skills. There is a real shortage of blue collar workers, which encompasses skills and talents that people need everyday in their lives. I recently read an article of a large number of these positions going unfilled.

We are living in times of great change. It is a time that innovative ideas surface that can provide new ways of functioning in this world and provide stability for future lives.

Business Apprenticeships can add to the bottom line of a company by taking the time to train students the “correct” way jobs get done. This works for any size company and can be incorporated into any size business or services. Depending upon the size of the town or city one lives in, opportunities can come from large or small businesses.

Apprenticeship – A Twenty-First Century Solution – Offers Experienced Training OF New Talent and New Opportunities For Jobs

Changes in the landscape of how business gets done, brings changes in human resources, education, job searches and even how our work is done today. These changes require new thinking, creative enough to find the answers needed for today’s issues.

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