June 17, 2022
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Welcome to Career Plan 2020.

Hello Fellow Members Of This Rapidly Changing World.

Things are beginning to move faster. Finding the answers we want to know about ourselves, are becoming easier and easier to grasp, because we are beginning to understand that changing our thoughts from negative thoughts to positive, possibilities, is a process.

Using circles for analytical thinking was always one of the easier ways I could understand processes. As a previous school-teacher, I am also a big fan of bulletin, chalk, and white boards.

career plan 2 - finding your career path
Career Plan 2 – A Career Path Direction

Chris Do does a wonderful job of explaining to us how to find (and purposely create) work that we love to do. He has designed his personal plan to accomplish his goals of helping others find their own road to a more “love-focused” lifestyle through online educational programs.

First, I apologize for this blog being so long. If you are considering a new career plan in 2020 – There are new opportunities today.

I started my personal Career Plan 2, discovering what’s next for me, in around 2009-2010. I knew it was time to figure out my next Career Move,. Ten years plus later, I have discovered that the information that I found through my personal discoveries, and even more intrinsic knowledge, is available through a Japanese Process from a long time ago. Ikigai

career Planning

When we take the time to go within to find our answers, we discover basic, internal information that we might want to consider in our career choices through new perspectives. We create a new vision of our future, with our new positive thoughts and these altered perspectives.

Our future is not as stagnant and arranged as we might feel it is, when we open our minds and let new possibility thoughts flow through our minds.

Career Plan 2020. The paradigm of sharing what you know to help others.  We give donations - how can we donate our knowledge to help others and create your own Career Plan 2020 with the New Culture of Sharing as your Purpose.   We are creating the change we want to see.   What is your Career Plan 2020

Career Plan 2, my personal career discovery plan, did help me discover many of the skills and talents, that brought me joy when I was a child. Sometimes remembering those childhood items, made me have more questions.

In order to find a path that supports who you are and the internal direction that your heart wants to bring to your attention, it is necessary to recognize your past and current situation, with conscious awareness. Conscious Awareness can open doors in your thought patterns to the new opportunities that are available to you in today’s world. Positive thoughts and intentional actions is the path to this creation of your own career success.

Career Plan 2020 offers new possibilities of how we can offer our services to the world, through the new opportunities for connections available today. Transformation in our thinking becomes available to us, as we learn how to connect the dots to the positive ideas that are moving through our awareness. Take time to really become aware of these connective elements in your life.

Let me know what you think.

Ikigai – Chris Do

Starting with Index Cards and a bulletin board; Career Plan 2 was my 2011 version of Chris’s project. Eventually I discovered how to use a mindmap computer program – image below.

career plan 2 or career plan 2020
Career Plan 2

Career Plan 2 and Ikigai were both designed for the same reason:

Happiness – Learning to use our talents in ways that benefit the world and ourselves.
Career Builders using their imagination to create the Change They Want To See In Our World.

“Finding A Way To Have a Happy, Fruitful Life,

Just By Doing The Work That We Love To Do. “

We have many God Given skills and talents. From those wonderful mechanical-minded people to those that have the compassion needed to work with the very ill or very mistreated, and to those that are creative and innovative with new ideas, today’s world needs you now.

Our ability to find the people we need for the unfilled, open jobs today, comes from a lack of training, not innate, God-Given talents, that in many people have gone unused, partly because of “training resources”.

Skills can be acquired through training. Learning is best done by doing and the more we repeat actions the more we improve our expertise. When we are automatically drawn toward specific talents, we find that these may be part of the talents that we came in with in this package we call “something we enjoy doing, and usually are pretty good at doing.”

Some Talents May Be Less Visible – Many Have Unknown Talents For Employment Ideas

There are many types of talents that each of us possess from birth. What are your talents? Are these talents something that you want to use to help the world?

Vocational Talents

Without Exposure to Some professions, you may never recognize some talents as viable options for income.

Today we need more skilled labor people that love to work with their hands and let their minds guide their brains.

These people sometimes like to work more independently, using the personal talents that they innately possess.

Our economy has promoted college education as being the Utopia of finding viable employment. College is a very costly project these days, which adds additional burdens to the new graduate immediately, and many are still looking for the rewarding career opportunity to appear.

We have new ways for young and old to make money. For the young, they grew up with the technology we use everyday, and for the older ones, it is a new challenge to learn. As far as, everyday life today, it is something we can’t seem to live without, in order to just exist in the world.

social media jobs
Today Computer Knowledge Can Create New Types Of Ways To Make Your Career Plan 2020 – Use your Imagination – You May Find New Ways That Work For Your Purpose

Society has emphasized particular expectations regarding education based on commercialism of everything we see around us. God Given talents are those talents we are naturally drawn toward. Love and comfort are natural reactions to some things in our lives. Noticing more about what we are drawn toward is a good path to look at for your Career Plan 2020. (Always remember your Career Plan is only the Path to the next Plan, when you enjoy where you are heading……Positive thoughts and expectations are important.)

At one point in one of Chris’s presentations, he actually called Ikigai, “finding our reason for being” and, also, “life purpose”. We all have our own reason for being. It takes focus or intention to be able to connect our own “life dots. The sooner you can begin to connect those dots, the better for you and your life’s journey. The discovery is your journey.

thoughts create - a career builders guide to a career plan 2020 - get more positive thoughts in you head and get involved - your career path becomes clear.  check out Ikigai today Christ Do and thefutur.com

Sometimes we don’t realize how our talents and skills can be of service in the world. It is also possible that we don’t recognize the value we have, to be of service to the world’s needs, by simply sharing our talents and what we know. It is not up to others to recognize these talents in us. We must recognize, develop, and move with the flow of positive thoughts (believing is seeing) and create the direction for ourselves. Old paradigms are beginning to shift to new, innovative ideas.

Career Plan 2020 – A Time For Creative Thoughts, Intent, and Purpose.

The Internet is Full of Creative, Inspired People with new ideas!
One of My Favorites. Exploring With Josh

“Exploring With Josh” shows how discoveries of yourself, along with positive action and focused attention can bring about the changes that you need to create the life you want, with the purpose of sharing your abilities and skills.

Our Perspective Is Our Creativity – Focus Creates The Intention

Perspective is unique to each of us. It is fun to explore and learn what grabs our attention. Your perspective and imagination creates your creativity. Now you can begin to touch your ideas to create something entirely different.

We are experiencing new unique perspectives through our conscious awareness of how we are feeling. This is the Path to understanding your best life. Then comes……………………..

Focus and Intention

Focus Creates Intention.

Image by Gerhard Gellinger from Pixabay

Chris Do – Thefutur.com

Work paradigms are changing and Chris Do’s explanation of Ikigai is very intriguing as a way of structuring your Career Path. We see Chris using the Ikigai formula to find the focus that makes his intention to help others in our world expand to new horizons of thought. By using a more internal approach we discover how to touch our deeper attachments to create our lives in a more richer, giving way. Recognition is only the beginning of the connections that we begin to make.

Conversations like the one below can open new ideas and explanations that make us see from other’s perspectives. Creating your work life through your own conscious awareness of personal abilities, gifts and aptitudes,may sound impossible, especially to those that have only experienced the “job scenario”. My thought when listening to Sean, is how I have always heard people are much more productive after a vacation, particularly relating to the 8-5 employer.

I have opened comments on this page – I would like to know more about your thoughts regarding this interview. Jobs and working with others to “get a job” has been what I have been involved with most all of my life. For the past 20 plus years, I experienced owning my own business, working from home and setting my own schedule. That, in itself, is a blessing for me. I did experience a conscious awareness of the “F_____s Cake Story”.

thinking outside the box

This video is very long, but I find it valuable for today’s working people. With so much stress and anxiety in the world today. Finding integration between work and personal relaxation can make a much healthier lifestyle. (I watched it in three parts………….Paradigms are shifting and open minds are required for thinking outside the box to find the answers for our tomorrows.

Career Plan 2020 – A Focused Career Plan With Consciously Aware Intent

Career Plan 2020

The Next Direction

There is no secret that we are coming to a crossroads with employment opportunities. Artificial Intelligence is changing our world rapidly. We are already experiencing AI replacements in almost all industries. Thinking ahead a few years, some businesses may be run totally by artificial intelligence workers.

Imagination and Creativity Is Part of a Being Human

Flesh and blood beings are blessed with creative ideas. Imagination is a good thing. Remembering what we felt like as children when we did something we loved or experienced some success, is helpful to discovering the you that you want to experience as an adult, with adult awareness and responsibilities.

Compassion is a trait that most flesh and blood beings bring with them into this world. When we understand our uniqueness of gifts, we become grateful for them, and we are better prepared to find the solutions that face us, by developing our own resources, using our focused intention to create something into being in our lives.

It is up to us to re-evaluate ourselves, our lives, and our futures. What is important to us, what were we given by our creator as talents, skills, likes, and dislikes? What can we do with the skills and talents given to us, to enhance our lives, personally and on a general well being of the population or environment.

We are currently living in the 21st century. The planet is still here and so are we.

We are seeing society shift and creating struggles that were not visible before. As we recognize particular problems, our focus usually finds specific issues we would like to see corrected.

It is difficult to change the whole planet at once. However, changing ourselves to being what we see as “best that we can be”, can be the start of changing the world.

Career Plan 2020 -finding a job or finding our joy

Welcome to the New Culture of Sharing 2020

If you have read my blogs over the years, I have written blogs about “The New Culture of Sharing” for a few years now. Being part of positive changes in our world becomes more important to us as we become more consciously aware of “who we feel we are in this world.” The next question we must ask ourselves becomes, “Why are we in this world at this time?” The questions ultimately become “How do I …………………….?” This is when your creation of your life’s focused intent begins.

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Ikigai (生き甲斐, pronounced [ikiɡai]) is a Japanese concept that means “a reason for being.” The word “ikigai” is usually used to indicate the source of value in one’s life or the things that make one’s life worthwhile.[1] The word translated to English roughly means “thing that you live for” or “the reason for which you wake up in the morning.”[2] Each individual’s ikigai is personal to them and specific to their lives, values and beliefs. It reflects the inner self of an individual and expresses that faithfully, while simultaneously creating a mental state in which the individual feels at ease. Activities that allow one to feel ikigai are never forced on an individual; they are often spontaneous, and always undertaken willingly, giving the individual satisfaction and a sense of meaning to life.[1]

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Our Thoughts do create. Positive or Happy Thoughts Are Good To Incorporate When Creating Our Career Plan 2020. What Is Our Purpose For Life? Welcome to the

New Culture of Sharing – 2020

Thank you for taking the time to read. I hope you will check out more of Chris Do’s videos. The site TheFutur.com is an Affiliate Site, I am still checking everything out.

Training and helping others set up training websites appears to be the goal for Chris Do. I will let you know more. But I hope you will check this out for yourself.

Thank you for reading. This job board will be going on-line soon. Please leave suggestions and what do you think about the Ikigai process?

Thanks for sharing.

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Career Plan 2020 —- Ikigai

(Career Plan 2 – Update)