July 21, 2024
grants for ipad

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Funding for ipads has proven to be a helpful tool for students with autism and other neurodiversity kids. Learning happens in different ways for different children.


 Funding For IPads 

The success of Ipads in helping special needs individuals learn basic life functions has proved that there is need for funding for IPads to assist special needs individual find success in life skills.  Finding grant opportunities for families and adults is not always easy.  Be sure to visit the following website for information about grant options for special needs family issues and many other valuable tidbits of information.  The increase in numbers of special needs individuals  over recent years, has brought more awareness and more solutions.

Family Grant Opportunities | Families and Adults/Resource Library | Autism Speaks

“Autism Speaks is dedicated to increasing awareness of autism spectrum disorders, to funding research into the causes, prevention and treatments for autism, and to advocating for the needs of individuals with autism and their families.”

You can find many sources of helping families with the issues that they deal with, but specifically, I was very interested in the following source:

“Funding for iPads
Looking for an iPad? The Autism Society can help! Courtesy of the Autism Society’s contact center, Autism Source, they have put together a list of organizations that offer grants and other assistance for individuals with autism who would like to purchase an iPad.
In addition, BridgingApps provides a list of funding sources for iPads and mobile devices.

If you are an organization that works with Special Needs Children, there are so many opportunities to help kids today, that were not available in times past.  Technology has given all of us different opportunities to learn, to create, and to be successful.  We are also beginning to understand much more about how the brain functions, which brings more solutions for change.

Smiles from feeling successful is a good thing.  Discovering ways to make our Special Needs people successful in their lives is something that will make us all smile.  Education based on how we learn, with true scientically proven knowledge, and an eye told the individual, gives the population of special needs people a new door of opportunity.  Couple this knowledge with the technology we possess today, we can create new possiblities for the future of even more of these special people.

Thanks for reading.  Support new ideas for change!

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ipads for grants. Special needs, autistic spectrum and others are able to connect to digital products sometimes easier than with people.  Work with these kids to create a better life for both of you.
Success for Children can make changes in their lives