July 18, 2024
referring a friend for a job
Refer a friend to a job -be careful if you are referring to the company where you work. - Positive or negative experiences could attach to you.

Referring A Friend For A Job

Things To Think About

Referring a friend for a job
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Finding employees for some specific job descriptions remain difficult for recruiters and other hiring authorities.  Would you consider referring a friend for a job at the company where you are currently working? More and more we are seeing “Refer a Friend For a Job” programs.

Before you decide to refer a friend for a job at your current company, you might want to take some time to consider if you are “really comfortable” with the referral.  Deciding beforehand, if it is a good idea for you to refer someone for an open position, you might want to take some time to read the following discussion.

Should You Refer a Friend for a Job?

referring a friend
Referring A Friend To Your Employer

Given that one in five roles are currently filled via employee referrals, you shouldn’t be surprised if, at some point in your career, either your employer asks you to refer a friend friend to a vacancy or a friend asks you to refer them to a job at your company

When it comes down to finding a job or filling a job, there are emerging new ideas about how to make such connections.  Employee Referral Programs are great connection opportunities.  Deciding to refer a friend for a job is a decision to be made with careful thought.

Employee Referral Programs provide opportunities for people to learn about how currently employed individuals really feel about their workplace.  One group that provides general information about various company-based cultures, is Glassdoor.com.  It is helpful for job seekers to understand a company’s culture prior to beginning work there and may eliminate future disappointments.

Referring Your Friend for a Job has become a financial source of income for some employees. It has become one alternative for some companies to find their next employee and pay a referral fee to their employees that do know possible future candidates.

referring a friend
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