July 18, 2024
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The future of work is a question that job seekers and recruiters are talking about - No one really knows what to expect except that technology is here and The future of work is going to be different than it has been in the past.

The Future of Work – 2021 What’s Next for The Future of Work?


The future of work will be radically different in years to come.

From hyper-surveillance of staff to digital nomadism to robots taking jobs—how, where and why we work is changing beyond all recognition.
This is the workforce of the future. Technology is transforming the world of work beyond all recognition creating groundbreaking opportunities. But it’s also eroding the rights of workers. Some even fear a dystopian jobless future. But are these anxieties overblown? How we react to this brave new world of work today will shape societies for generations to come.
What are the forces shaping how people live and work and how power is wielded in the modern age?

Where are we headed in our Work Experiences?  Work is changing rapidly.  Our old 8-5 – office work has been changing for a long time.

the future of work
Your decisions are important when it comes to your personal future of work

The Pandemic quarantines has accelerated our choices, and has shown us that dependency upon the old ways of working may not offer the security it once did.

For several years, people have suggested that multiple income options are desirable in the new economy.   Our economy has been very vulnerable and is even more unsteady at this time.

When we are thinking about how to prepare for our future, what do we do?

Most people reply to this question,  “save money for those difficult periods.”

An additional answer is to find alternative ways of making money, preferably one that you enjoy, and/or would provide some type of passive income opportunity.

the future of work
Your decisions are important for your Future

Discover for yourself all the new ideas.  We are seeing a switch to many everyday actions becoming performed through technology.

People, however, are creative.  Never forget that!  Our ingenuity and imagination creates and produces.  We are not merely “robots”, ourselves, but living, thinking beings.  Never forget that one important fact.

Discover your next move.  Spend time with yourself to discover your best direction.
We are definitely living in a time of change.  Our lives depends upon us being open for change.   When we begin to see only one way for our path, we find a dead end.

Stay Open To New Opportunities.  Remember:  “When One Door Closes, Another Opens.”

There is a change in our world today.


Finding Our Next Best Step Takes Awareness of Where We Want To Be.

We all have purpose in our lives.  Find What Speaks To Your Heart, Follow Your Passions and discover the directions that you are mean’t to travel.

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