May 16, 2024
reskilling, upskilling, change
The change is happening we are reskilling and upskilling and changing jobs in this new time. It is time for change now. learn new skills

Job Opportunities and Career Plans Before 2020 &

reskilling, upskilling, lifelong learning,
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Future Job Opportunities & Career Planning Approach

For 2021 and Beyond

What is Reskilling & Upskilling and how do these terms relate to how companies are adapting to the changes we are experiencing from the 2020 pandemic?

Reskilling and Upskilling are new words to many of our vocabularies. The fact is they are words that are easy to understand, but the definitions may have changed a bit due to the many changes we have experienced in our work lives.

In an article from,

we learn the following about the paradigm shifts we are experiencing from 2020.

One Big Example of the New Paradigm Shifts

affecting many of our businesses our workers & businesses:

The new normalization of how remote work is affecting 2021 job opportunities & career success. Workers are seeing employment from new perspectives and businesses are having to learn how to adapt their structure to continue operating their businesses successfully.

“We are living—and working—within a monumental paradigm shift. The COVID-19 pandemic has divided the global economy into “befores” and “afters”. Before and after the normalization of remote work. Before and after the need of many companies to pivot completely. Before and after Zoom fatigue became a thing.

The Changes Offers New Chances For Choices of Change.

To cope with these changes, companies and individuals, alike, have turned to training. A recent TalentLMS survey on reskilling and upskilling training shows that an impressive 42% of companies stepped up their upskilling/reskilling efforts after the coronavirus outbreak. At the same time, 42% of employees have pursued training on their own.”

Graduating Seniors from 2020 and after, are entering into a job market that has new expectations, different challenges, and a completely new set of rules for success. Gone are the days of one job for a lifetime.

The new paradigm shows us a possible weakness of our system of education. Setting up a one-time educational opportunity, which equates to our twelve year school system, our four year college system, and a sense of completion of our education is no longer an option that holds for our new constantly changing job skills needed in today’s world.

Skills required for the sharp individual to stay current are changing quickly. Old methods of education are becoming outdated and it is vital for the new graduates to stay focused on the needs and changes that are occurring in their choice for future endeavors. Continuous training and education is a vital part of skill training today. Changes require constant attention to what is new and what is currently available to the marketplace.

skils, upskilling

Reskilling & Upskilling are important new Values.

Lifelong Learning and Development has become of value to the smart, innovative companies. To the astute student and job seeker, continual education and learning is proving to be invaluable for success in employment opportunities.

Lifelong learning in 2021 has also become more important to career seekers and job seekers because of the rapid changes we are seeing in our established systems due to the transitions we experienced in 2020

Successful Businesses and Organizations in 2021 and Beyond

As businesses adopt a more online approach with remote workers becoming an integral part of employee base. The need to help employees learn how to perform tasks in a “teamwork”, “less stressful” environment becomes critical.

Companies that work with their employees in a transparent, open manner are becoming even more viable in 2021. Maintaining social interaction and a sense of working with the employee to learn new methods and tasks becomes a connection between employees and employers.

reskilling upskilling and lifelong learning
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2021- The changes we have been experiencing have been stressful for all involved with job processes. Working together, closely monitoring results of new approaches is how employees and employers can work together to develop new, effective approaches to these new challenges we are facing as 2021 arrives.

Stress Free learning, without the fear of losing one’s job becomes a joint adventure between the organization and those that are employed to perform tasks, new and old, is a shared experience.

Welcome to Life In A New World of Education & Work.

Working Together –

We can find new ideas and creative approaches to find our best path for the future.

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Very Happy New Life of Learning & Growing Your Skills/Talents

We Can Be The Change

We Want To See in 2021

Working Together To Find Solutions

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