June 9, 2024
time for change
When we have that feeling it is time to change our lives, what do we do ? Look inside and find answers to your next career step - your career path is up to you

09-01-2023 Revised!!!

We are seeing our lives rapidly changing around us.

From Weather, Fires, AI becoming your closest friend, homelessness and Presidents getting arrested, our world is showing signs of many, different problems. I was never a very church-going individual, so I didn’t really innerstand the conversation about the Rapture and the Seven Years of Pestilance and evil.

The point is, if there ever was a time that we see Evil and Good clashing, it couldn’t be too much different than what we are seeing now. Being here to see this first hand, the truth becomes clearer that we are seeing something that is a real war between Good and Evil. On the one hand, evil has been very sneaky and tricky, fooling us, God’s children with nice smiles, professional manners, and word twists.

It is that nagging

Feeling We Need To Change Our Lives?


To change our lives is not always a simple change. Many times we are forced into the “change our lives“, mode. Whether we are forced into the change or decide for ourselves that we need to change our lives, change is not easy. New directions take effort, no matter where you are in your current life situation. The past few years, have shown us how quickly things can change.

Just the past few weeks have been startlingly, unbelievable happenings! It gives us many new thoughts.

Personally, it gives me new thoughts of “Why am I here at this particular time of such changes going on all around our world? This is truly a together moment to really, stop, and take some time to really consider the things that are happening and why???


Check Out This Link to Bible Verses Regarding The Term Discernment

Such an interesting word that I never really used a lot, until only the past few years.

When we talk to people today, many of them seem to have this feeling they need to change their lives.  This is true for me, and many others around me.  In some ways, it feels like we have been asleep and we are just waking up to the fact that our lives have a purpose.  So many of us have ignored or dismissed those inner conversations about what we are doing with our lives.  I found the article below very helpful, and perhaps you will too.

time  for change
Changes Are Happening – Make Them Work For You

If you are feeling the need to make a change in your life, you may also realize that this is not a new feeling, but you have felt a little outside of the society we have been living in for a long time. Memories from a childhood where you remember spending time alone, sitting in a closet, or having no interest in the typical Barbie or GI Joe Doll.  Even children in your neighborhood held no interest for you at playtime.

You may have a piece of knowledge from early on about a purpose for your life, but the requirements of living in this world have clouded those dreams.  It seems that unseen energies today, are releasing those thoughts, memories, and longings.  Living in the same bubble that has surrounded our possibilities seems to be shedding as we are feeling new energies take over our thoughts, ones of desire to stop the old, and create the new.

You may find similarities to your life,  in the following article.  It is as if a cloud is lifting from many of our minds and we are beginning to see more clearly how our lives have been misdirected away from those desires that we felt deeply about, so long ago.

a dreamer -change our life
Dreams from Your Future

Thanks to Kevin Lopez @ Pixabay for the image

8 Signs You’re Meant For Something Bigger On This Planet : In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database

 This beautiful planet is crawling with those of us who want to make a difference; who know we are capable of anything. Some of us are there living it fully, some are in the midst of the dance of taking a few steps forward and a couple of steps back (hint: good old self-sabotage; something I know well), and others are just beginning to wake up to the realization that this knowing has been inside of them all along, and it’s time to do something about it.

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One of the biggest ways we have been distracted from our inner callings for greatness is by making us feel less powerful than we really are.  The control systems that our society has put in place, create a feeling that we are not as good, as smart, or as full of potential as we really are. We are the ones that can create greatness, once we recognize it and begin to trust that those voices in our head are the voices that are telling us of our greatness.

voices outside of us
voices outside of us

We have let ourselves be influenced by the voices outside of our heads, that don’t really know our potential and desires.  Those are the voices of the ones that want to keep us safe, want to share their personal beliefs or experiences, and those that want to enslave us.  Those are not the voices that know us best.  We just need to take the time to reacquaint ourselves with our full potential and then act on that potential. 

We were created by a creator that wants to create through us.  That makes each of us a creator too.  This is what creates our greatness.   Find that greatness in you.  You know where you can make a difference when you take the time to investigate yourself.  

Meditation is a great beginning

You Know Inside When The Time Comes – and Usually Changes Begin Happening Outside of us first.
change our live, our life purpose, passion

Our job connection website is here to help you find the connections you need when you are ready to follow your heart.

change our lives to living from our heart
Living from our heart

 There are so many ways your greatness is needed today.  

Make your voice be heard in the way only you can.

dream big - make it happen
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thank you for reading

Thanks for reading and Thank you for sharing.

D Foster

I don’t know what your destiny will be, but one thing I know:

the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.
– Albert Schweitzer, to a group of schoolboys. –

I just happened on this video and it is so lovely – Sharing Ideas Together

We can do amazing things with our lives.

change, follow your passion, find your purpose, your life purpose

I hope you found this article interesting. I truly believe this is a great time for us to find the awareness, within us, that reflects our purpose in life. Creating the future in a way that reflects care and sharing new ideas for our lives can create the world we would like to experience with true passion. 🙂